For Clinicians

A future-ready platform to bridge the gaps in nursing

We are reimagining the future of nursing with virtual care workflows

Provide nurses with support to focus on patients

Support bedside teams

Support the bedside care team with an experienced virtual workforce by providing supervision & offloading repetitive tasks

Streamline nursing workflows

Reduce clinician workloads, enable virtual workforces with AI-powered workflows and improve nursing satisfaction

Save hospital staffing costs

Increase staff efficiency and reduce nursing burnout with smart automated solutions & state-of-the-art technology

Transform care models with a virtual workforce

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Virtual nursing

Support bedside teams with virtual nurses

Support bedside care teams with an experienced virtual workforce by providing supervision & offloading time-consuming tasks.
  • Seamlessly connect with Lana's Bedside Assistants & Interactive TVs
  • AI-supported workflows for virtual admissions, discharge readiness & patient education
  • Ambient listening & smart documentation to EHRs
  • Multi-way video calling with patients, families & interpreters

AI-assisted tele-sitting for high-risk patients

Monitor multiple high-risk patients 24x7 from anywhere. Support telesitters with AI-powered patient monitoring - automating tasks, optimizing processes & simplifying communications.
  • Increase staff efficiency; each telesitter can monitor more than 10 high-risk patients
  • Enable fall-risk detection to raise alerts & prevent falls
  • Reduce pressure ulcer risks with automated alerts & documentation
  • Track agitation, sleep quality, & environmental distractions
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AI documentation

Generative AI for faster patient documentation

Use ambient listening & generative AI to automate patient documentation workflows, such as admission intake, discharge, & education.
  • Extract relevant data from conversations using Ambient Listening
  • Enable EHR-integrated documentation in flowsheets & more
  • Securely review data output with evidence before documenting
  • Automate documentation for admission intake, education & more

Seamlessly works with your existing infrastructure

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