Health First Partners with Lana Health to Improve Patient Experiences

Mar 21, 2021

Lana Health and Health First (FL) announced an innovative partnership pilot to improve the patient experience starting at the bedside within the hospital, and extending care post-discharge, helping patients through a successful recovery at home.

As digital consumerism in healthcare accelerates, expectations for the patient experience continue to evolve in equal measure. Today, the patient experience extends beyond the four walls of a hospital and encompasses every step of the healthcare journey, be it preparing a patient for a surgery, enabling them to manage their chronic condition from the comfort of their home or guiding them post-discharge to avoid a potential readmission.

Health First and Lana Health understand that today's patients have higher expectations of their health care team and providers, and now more than ever, need to obtain their trust, and actively engage patients during their care journey.

No stranger to innovation, Health First is one of the first healthcare systems in the state of Florida to launch home-based hospital care (Hospital at Home) for patients presenting to an Emergency Department. Health First also recently announced they will be the first hospital in the state of Florida to begin using what's known as "whole blood" on its First Flight ambulance helicopters - providing a lifesaving edge for patients involved in a traumatic accident.

Lana's patient engagement solution will be deployed on iPads at the hospital bedside, ensuring privacy and security while providing patients with a modern consumer experience, with the goal to create the smart room of the future for the hospital.

With access to Lana, patients will have:

  • Access to their schedule, labs, vitals and medications at any time of the day during the stay
  • A variety of engaging content ranging from movies, music, relaxation content and access to their personal Netflix, Apple TV+ and other streaming services
  • On-demand patient education content and interactive resources delivered to patients at the point of care. This empowers patients to be confident in their post discharge instructions, and better understand the condition
  • A medium to virtually connect with their family and loved ones via video calls while also enabling them to consult with their care team virtually at any time of the day

In addition to the above services, the platform is designed to collect individual patient feedback during their care journey, enabling the care team to address concerns in real-time, improving patient satisfaction.

Lana's care platform extends beyond the four walls of the hospital and guides patients during their recovery at home. Lana's patient-focused app provides dynamic daily goals, education to help improve care plan adherence, and provides automated reminders for medications and follow-up appointments. In addition, the app enables seamless communication with care teams post-discharge creating a positive experience with the health system, reinforcing a stronger patient-provider relationship.

Health First with this partnership, aims to further improve patient satisfaction, increase health literacy through personalized patient education and in turn reduce avoidable readmissions by engaging and empowering patients during their care journey.

Upon completion of a successful pilot, the partnership will expand to deploy Lana Health enabled iPads at the bedside across all four of their hospitals creating an innovative and modern patient experience for their patients.

Health First

Founded in 1995, Health First is Central Florida's only fully integrated delivery network (IDN) and employs over 9,000 associates. In addition, it operates four hospitals: Health First's Cape Canaveral Hospital, Holmes Regional Medical Center, Palm Bay Hospital, and Viera Hospital. Health First Medical Group is the largest multi-specialty physician group on the Space Coast. Health First also offers numerous outpatient and wellness services, including Health First Aging Services, Health First Pro-Health & Fitness Center, Home Care and Hospice of Health First.

Lana Health

Lana Health is a digital health startup with the vision to create delightful and user-friendly patient experiences across the care journey, that have been severely lacking in healthcare. The company led by athenahealth alumnus Akshay Kolte, recently raised a pre-seed round of funding, backed by some formidable angel investors in health tech with the goal to achieve this vision. Lana's mission is to simplify complex care journeys, creating healthier and frictionless experiences for patients seeking care, be it in the hospital or at home.